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Verizon is known as a tycoon among all telecommunications companies. Are you about to answer some Verizon interview questions soon enough?

Alright, working at Verizon is a dream for many people. In this pandemic, getting a job at Verizon has been challenging for all the candidates, even experienced ones must be thinking hard about it.

The main question everyone has is – what will Verizon ask? If asked, would it be too difficult?
Do not worry, I’ve got your back!

Firstly, it depends on what role you are interested in at Verizon. The company offers multiple roles. I’ll answer how to prepare for all the major roles at Verizon. Therefore, keep an eye out for your dream role in this communication sector dominant company.

So, what are the most common Verizon interview questions?

We will cover questions that are most common for the following roles:

  • Java candidate questions
  • Internship questions
  • Software engineering interview questions
  • Customer representative questions

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Most Common Verizon Interview Questions Asked to a Java Experienced Candidate

The most common question asked to a Java experienced candidate does not include some highly sophisticated code or algorithm. Instead, Verizon interviews like to stick to basics.

They test your basic understanding of Java rather than asking you typical book questions.

Interview Questions Asked to a Java Candidate:

  • In how many ways can you create an object in Java?
  • How will you implement a comparable interface?
  • What are the strings?

If you know the basics of Java, you will definitely be able to impress the interviewer in a snap. Yes, as the interview progresses, the questions can become a bit tricky, but everything is hidden in the basics.

Simulate your next interview

Prepare for the questions that are really going to be asked in your next interview.

Start Practicing These Questions Now!

Verizon Internship Interview Questions Asked To Every Single Intern!

Verizon prefers smart, imaginative thinking, and obviously innovative interns. They doesn’t expect interns to have in-depth knowledge in any domain. They just want a smart and presentable candidate for an internship role.

When it comes to internship interview questions, Verizon prefers to ask you behavioral ones.

Now you must be imagining what behavioural questions are? Not a big deal though. Behavioural questions mostly are about your past challenges. They may ask, how did you overcome a certain challenge in the past? It helps them assess whether you are a long runner or not. More importantly, it represents who you actually are: a winner or a loser?

These questions usually start with the phrase, “tell me about a time when…

The buckets in which behavioral questions fall in are:

  • Communication
  • Decision-Making
  • Initiative
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership

To prepare for such questions, you don’t need to read or learn anything. All that matters is the way you think, the situation you choose from the past, and the way you put your answer in front of the interviewer. Be optimistic!

Verizon Software Engineering Interview Questions

To work as a software engineer at Verizon, you need to have some years of experience. Although the chances of getting accepted as a software engineer are thin, Verizon won’t mind rejecting rare talent.

There will be many questions asked during the interview, which will be situational based coding questions. Generally, they require basic and a bit advanced knowledge answers.

Having advanced knowledge in the software engineering domain means you have worked on projects before. And frankly speaking, this is where freshers lack the chance of getting in.

Some Common Topics On Which Questions Are Asked

  • Past projects
  • Complex puzzles
  • Data structure questions
  • Questions asked on microservices and spring boot

Preparing for such in-depth questions can’t be done at the last moment. Your experience and projects come in the picture. If you have worked and done projects successfully, it won’t be tough to answer such questions.

The best way to practice is to try it with an interview coach!

Verizon Interview Questions for A Customer Representative Role

One of the major domains of a leading company in the communication industry, like Verizon, is customer service. Customer representatives have a very crucial role as they take care of the clients. That’s why Verizon looks for candidates who are a bit extrovert, have a friendly attitude, and can control their anger. If we talk about the interview questions, they’re conversational. So make sure to be descriptive and keep your tonality pleasant.

Some of the Common Questions Asked to A Customer Representative Interviewee

  • Why are you so keen to join Verizon?
  • How can you contribute to Verizon’s growth?
  • Explain a situation where you struggled to resolve a client issue?

All these questions are descriptive, and the interviewer will expect you to be thorough and innovative. Simple orthodox answers won’t work. You really need to think out of the box to answer these.

How to Prepare for Offline and Online Verizon Interview

Verizon Offline Interview Preparation Tips

When you go for an offline interview, meaning at a venue for face to face interview, the most important thing that matters is your presentation. The first impression is the last impression – No, don’t take it as a formality. Dress well and be super confident. It actually matters!

If you are not presentable, it’s highly likely that the interviewer would not be interested in the interview most of the time.

For being presentable, make sure you have formal attire, male candidates should have a proper haircut and clean shave. In the case of female candidates, make sure your hair is combed and not free.

So basically, everything is self-confidence. Act as an expert and you’re good to go!

Verizon Online Interview Preparation Tips

Start Practicing Interview Questions Now!

According to Glassdoor, every corporate job attracts 250 applicants on average. Gain an edge over these other applicants by learning from previous interviewees.

Whenever you have a video interview with Verizon or any other company, make sure to adjust the screen properly. And yes, your hands should be visible so that the interviewer can notice your hand gestures. They should get your body language. It would help them think better about you.

There can be some voice issues as well, so don’t hesitate to ask questions twice or thrice. Use terms such as pardon, I am sorry, please, etc.

With all these facts and tips, you can surely crack the Verizon interview like a pro. Put a little effort and impress the interviewer. Good luck with your interview!

Last Minute Tip: Spend most of your time knowing about the company. Get your facts straight 🙂

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