Your personal AI coach Certified Coach
Good words (4)
  • Love
  • Leadership
  • Enjoy
  • Passionate
Bad words (3)
  • Anger
  • Lazy
  • Boring

Your personal AI coach

Your own
personal coach, 24/7

We built the world’s coolest interview tool using cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms. We analyze every single second of your interview performance and pull out detailed insights,
just for you.

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Built solely for interview assessment

Our AI is trained on millions of data points to understand how to assess peak interview performance.

A score You did 7.6% better than the last time you practiced this set!


  • You should avoid words like “things”
  • “Hate” is not a good word to use.
  • Keep using words like “passionate”
  • “Thrive” is a great word. Keep using it.


Spend your time on the interview qualities that matter

After researching with hiring partners we determined what qualities hiring managers are most interested in.

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Get advice on how to improve your skills

Our algorithm uses its training to evaluate your performance. It offers you detailed advice following every practice session.


Interview School has so much more to offer

Check out some other features Interview School has to offer:


Hundreds of mock interviews

We have hundreds of practice sets made directly from questions reported by previous candidates.

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Personal Performance Analysis

Track all of your practice data and identify the areas you excel in and the areas you need to improve in.

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Connect with a real coach

Live coaches are matched to you based on your goals and industry. Coaches work to get you on a personalized path to interview awesomeness!

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Keeping track of your job applications

A personalized Kanban board for you to track all your applications
and the various stages they are in.

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