While the answer may seem obvious, the response that they are looking for is not. You might need some help putting it all together. Unfortunately, saying that you would love working there because it is a great place to work and because there was a job opening, albeit with a charming smile, is not what hiring managers are looking for in a job candidate. Yes, this question is a test.

This loaded question will determine your level of interest and see how much you have learned about your prospective potential employer. Your answer will reveal how much you want the job and how much genuine effort and thought you put in before applying and interviewing for the position. How you respond will set you apart from other job seekers who have not answered this question correctly. If you need a job, the bottom line is that you need to pay attention to these strategies.

How to Answer

The best and sharpest answer reveals that you prepared well, did your homework, and are knowledgeable about the company. Essentially, you are researching the company and your future employer. If this seems like a deep dive into the company, you understand that you will need to research the company.

Before going on the job interview, take a look at the company website. Read the “About Us” section and learn about their history, their business model, their company culture. The hiring manager will be looking for people who can do more than answer common interview questions, they want to see that you understand the core values of the company.

You will also want to familiarize yourself with the company mission and objectives. For example, if the company values community service and sponsors charitable events, be sure to mention that detail in your discussion and explain how it compares to your personal experience. This kind of research can help you answer a question like: Why do you want to work for us?

Additionally, read any recent press releases and media coverage on this company. You want to know about specific current events and find out about the company’s projected goals. Investigate their social media accounts, such as their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see their overall image, their style and how they interact with customers.

Now that you’ve done all your research and analysis on all aspects of the company, show how your career goals align with the company’s goals when they ask you why you want to work there. This means that you will need to have read the job description too, and have examples ready to go. Your response can also incorporate how your role and specific job responsibilities will support and advance the organization. You are attesting that if you succeed, they succeed.

Remember, you only want to work for a company where both parties are a good fit. Instead of discussing how the company can benefit you, show how you have similar qualities, characteristics, and values that align with company expectations by using accurate and specific examples. Explain how your qualifications and experience add value, worth, and potential profit to the organization. Think about a specific example or two, and make sure you are sincere.

Your interviewer will have specific answers in mind, and if you want to work at the company, you need to show how you are the best fit for a position.
When you answer this question, be enthusiastic. Be passionate and excited about the company’s identity and craft. The purpose of your answer is to convince your interviewer that you are a strong match for the company, and therefore are ideal for the position.

Sample Answers

Here are some sample answers you can use to frame your own response:

A Score

Your company is a leader in the industry. I was very impressed with your company's recent upgrade in your self-driving technology. I knew that I wanted to align myself with such an innovative organization. I would love to use my engineering experience to support your company's development in this field.

A Score

I appreciate that your company started as a family-owned business. It is remarkable that you have grown to this point. I have always been a fan of your business model. Customers rave about you on Facebook and Instagram. I also respect how you respond to customer inquiries. I would love the opportunity to use my 10 years in customer service to be part of a team that is proud of their product and appreciates their customers.

A Score

I am interested in this job because I enjoy working with start-up firms. I have worked with one in the past and watched it grow and expand its business. When you work with a company from the beginning, everyone is a team and has the same goal. I believe in your product. My experience in digital marketing would be ideal to for helping propel this company into the digital age.