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“Interview School offers my students a user-friendly, professional development tool that blends industry insight with personalized assessment for strengthening Interviewing skills.”
Career Development Coordinator, WSU
Avg Student Score
B+ score
Total Students
15+ 2.4%
Interviews Taken
140 Interviews+ 2.4%
Hours Practiced
40.5 Hours- 0.2%

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Real-time statistics

As an admin of your institution, you’ll get a high-level view of the members using Interview School and how they are using the platform.

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Assign questions or interviews

Interview School gives you the ability to assign a single question or an entire interview to your users.

“Interview School has been a great partner in helping our returning citizens prepare for reentry. They've worked with us to make adjustments to their software to fit our needs.”
Senior Director, CoreCivic
premium features
User features
When licensing Interview School for your entire organization, users will get access to all of our premium features!
Real companies, real interview questions
Take the guesswork out of interview prep. Interview School takes up-to-date questions that were reported from real interviews at real companies.
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Personal Performance Analysis
Track all of your practice data and identify the areas you excel in and the areas you need to improve in.
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Your own AInterview coach
Your AI Coach offers you in-depth advice and reccomendations based on your performance.
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Keeping track of your job applications
A personalized Kanban board for you to track all your applications and the various stages they are in.
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Flexible pricing options
Want to pay monthly? Annually? Multi-year packages? No problem! Interview School will work with you and your team to make sure your payments are set up the way you want!
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