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As one of the best companies to work for in 2020, according to Fortune magazine, Cisco Systems Inc attracts many career chasers looking for a dream job. This multinational technology conglomerate is specialized in tech markets, domain security, and energy management, and it has been in business since 1984. Many young people that want to work for this globally known tech giant will be up against hundreds of other candidates. That’s why if you are one of them, and you want ace Cisco interview questions for freshers and become a part of the team, go over our guide, and we will explain: 

  • What Is Important to Know About Online Test
  • How Does the Cisco Interview Process Go
  • What Should You Know About Cisco Interview Questions in Technical Round 
  • How to Ace the Cisco Interview
  • What Are the CISCO Interview Questions in HR Round
  • Can Cisco Offer You a Dream Job

How Does the Cisco Interview Process Go

If you are a fresher looking for employment in Cisco, go over the eligibility criteria, and make sure you are qualified enough to apply for a position in the company. Basically, tech students with an average grade of 7 and above are more likely than not eligible for work. After entering the Cisco Recruitment Process, you’ll have to pass through three rounds of interviews where you’ll be rated based on your skills and knowledge. You will have to go through an online test, technical round, and HR round of interviews if you want to become a part of the Cisco family.  

What Is Important to Know About Online Test

The first part of the recruitment process comes in the form of an online test where your aptitude and technical abilities will be scored. The test consists of 50 questions, 20 aptitude, and 30 technical ones. You you will have 60 minutes to answer them. The important thing to know about this process is that there are no negative points. Even if you are not sure the answer is right, it is better to write it down than to leave questions unanswered. Also, since you have only 60 minutes, limit your time to one minute per question. Speed and accuracy are the main factors that will get you through this part of recruiting. 

What Should You Know About Cisco Interview Questions in Technical Round

When you pass the first round of the recruitment process at Cisco, you will be eligible for phase two. This phase includes the technical interview. The main focus of this round is to judge your knowledge of the field you are studying in, or you have graduated from.  

Nevertheless, if you want to come to this round extra prepared, go over some of the previously asked Cisco Interview questions like:  

Simulate your next interview

Prepare for the questions that are really going to be asked in your next interview.

  • What are the uses of subnetting?
  • When you don’t know the size of an operation in C, how can you know the size of int? 
  • What happens when you compile a C program? 
  • You will get a conceptual question on the cache and virtual memory.
  • What are the different routing protocols, and how they work? 

Are you ready to start practicing these questions now?

What Are the Questions in HR Round

The final part of the interviewing process is the talk with HR. This part of the selection process is focused on evaluating your personal skills. Also, this is where Cisco employees can see if you are the right fit for their team. The interviewer can ask you a wide array of questions, but there are some common ones you should prepare an answer to if you want to leave a long-lasting impression.

Why Did You Choose to Be a Part of Cisco?

This is the question where you can talk about the impression you have of Cisco. You can mention what attracted you to the company – was it a global business success or different student and new graduate programs they offer. Show the interviewer that you have researched Cisco and you are familiar with the way it conducts business.

What Are You Expecting to Gain Out of This Job?

As a young and ambitious professional looking for employment in a corporation as big as Cisco, you probably have an answer to this question. However, when answering, don’t go into details about your dreams and ambitions. Focus on the fact that Cisco can help you grow professionally and gain additional knowledge and skills.

Why Do You Think You Are the Best Person for This Role?

No matter what kind of preposition you are applying for, this is one of the most commonly asked questions by HR personnel. Make sure that you put the focus on your skillset and talents. This is the question where you should “sell yourself” as efficiently as possible.

How Would You Take Care of a Personal Conflict With a Colleague?

Since you are a fresher looking for work, you probably haven’t worked in a big corporation before. Cisco interviewers might ask this question to learn about the way you handle disagreement. When answering, make sure you emphasize your ability to put your personal differences aside in favor of doing the job.

How to Ace the Cisco Interview

Acing every round of interviews is not a very easy task, however, with thorough preparation, everything is possible. When you are getting ready for your Cisco interviewing process, there are few things you should think about:

  • Staying updated with everything you have written in your CV because sometimes interviewers can ask you a question about your work experience. Knowing how to elaborate will ensure the interviewer that you haven’t lied on your resume.  
  • Prepare some questions for the interviewer. They should be about the subjects you are interested in, for example, you can ask about your future role in the team. Having some questions prepared will show you are serious about the job.
  • When answering questions, formulate your answers in a way that shows what you can bring to the company. Keep in mind that talking about your family background or random trivial information is not something the interviewer wants to hear.

Can Cisco Offer You a Dream Job

When you start the recruitment process, you might wonder, is it really worth the trouble going through these rounds of interviews? Getting a job in Cisco will make you an employee of one of the top-rated global companies in the tech industry. With more than 74,000 employees around the world, this is the company that can provide you with vast knowledge and mentorship. Cisco can help you learn and develop your current skillsets but also get to know the inside of the tech industry on a global scale. Becoming a Cisco employee will open the door for unbelievable career opportunities, so you shouldn’t hesitate to apply and land the job of a lifetime.  

Start Practicing Interview Questions Now!

According to Glassdoor, every corporate job attracts 250 applicants on average. Gain an edge over these other applicants by learning from previous interviewees.

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