Netflix Interview Questions

The Hiring Process

Although Netflix is a big company, they still practice an unstructured recruiting process. There are no strict stages that it must go through. If Netflix needs a skill set urgently, and you seem to be a good fit, then a few stages may be skipped.
As a disadvantage, you may feel a bit lonely during the application process. Not knowing any feedback deadline may increase your anxiety, plus, Netflix interview questions are rather engrossing.
But Netflix wants people who can manage uncertainty. By many accounts, the Netflix Cultural Memo goes before technical skills.
Netflix values selflessness and courage, terms standing for independence and initiative. But you should not underrate their need for team players: good listeners and communicators.
We will show you, how the company runs its cultural fit check by disclosing the Netflix interview questions.

1. Does Netflix Cultural Memo Needs an Improvement?

A pretty mean question, isn’t it? You need to demonstrate the loyalty to their values, but at the same time your ability for independent thinking and assertiveness.
Netflix published the predecessor of the current Memo – the Cultural Deck manifest – in the distant year 2009. They really stick to what both of them state, so, be careful with your feedback.
Pick one of the values and talk about your understanding of it. Replace “improvement” with “interpretation” and go ahead!

2. What kind of improvement have you planned for yourself?

This question tests your ability for self-criticism.
Don’t come up with irrelevancies like “I need to improve my PowerPoint skills.” Netflix is a giant media company in the turbulent growth phase. They look for people, who are able to listen to the criticism, but neither wipe it away nor fall into self-pity.
Think back on your last – or present – job. What do you lack there? What kind of self-improvement did you miss due to some objective circumstances? Without talking bad about your last employer, try to translate it into your wish for improvement. And why you think Netflix is where you can achieve it.

The best improvement is to start practicing!

3. Which part of the Cultural Memo is especially appealing to you?

Netflix really helps you here. The list of values is so long that it is difficult not to find a point that would align with your expectations.
The manifest is divided into 10 sections. Try to pick up one statement from each and elaborate on it. Do not hang on only one package of values – they prize them as a whole!
It may feel unnatural for the HR or other interviewer if you are an exaggeratedly perfect match. Focus on fewer things, be authentic, and keep in mind that they want some diversity in their team, too.
Keep in mind, that Netflix interview questions are derivatives of the Cultural Memo.

4. What is your method to manage multitasking and prioritize things?

In your reply, you must demonstrate something more than a simple ability to organize yourself. Remember communication and inclusion values from the Cultural Memo? In the Netflix context, this question asks how you listen to your colleagues and prioritize your tasks based on both your own and their needs.
Netflix often indirectly states that they would prefer a highly collaborative fellow over a selfish high performer.
By answering, you should establish a link between your work and the work of others.

Simulate your next interview

Prepare for the questions that are really going to be asked in your next interview.

5. Have you ever disagreed with your manager and how it all turned up?

Netflix hires people that can defend their point but do not cause any conflicts.
By giving an example, try to explain that you made a thorough judgment before showing a disagreement. Tell about your positive intent behind the bringing up your point.
Netflix wants employees that are able to raise their voices. If an employee feels that his or her idea would do better for Netflix – especially, in the long run – then the person is encouraged to speak up.
Nevertheless, make sure that your interviewer does not get it wrong. You are not making your career way up by throwing others, you show ways for a beneficial change.

6. What is the question you’ve hoped I won’t ask you today?

You can see this question from two different angles. Either the recruiter wants to know your weaknesses, or it wants to learn your personal No-gos.
Use the chance to communicate both. You are not good at the clean desk policy? Sell it as a nice imperfection of yours!
You do not like, when an employer is too fixed on university or college degrees? Fair enough, since the experience makes it out. Or you may not like talking about your reasons to quit your current job. If you were not asked so far, mention that you believe such a question can only lead to misunderstandings and it’s good the recruiter dropped it. You run into the possibility to be out of the application process without success if you No-gos are the company’s best practices. But it is better to pull the break now than after you’ve missed a competitor’s job offer.

Prepare for the Netflix Interview Questions

7. Your 1st day at Netflix. A few hours before the 1st on-boarding meeting. Your plan for killing time?

As each quickly growing business, Netflix needs people who do not wait to be invited to work.
Even without a mentor, you may ask around for a simple task. Or make yourself familiar with the internal procedures and working routines by reading Intranet articles, documentation, last conversations in the enterprise messenger, or by checking organizational charts, and so on.

8. Who was your best mentor and why?

HR managers know that people have difficulties to look at themselves from a neutral perspective. They either over- or underestimate their traits. For this reason, netflix interview questions are designed to describe a personality that they find outstanding.
Still, your mentor is not you, so, try to prevent false interpretations and concentrate on your learnings. You liked your mentor, since he or she provided you with a quick and easy start in the new company. He or she showed you, what discipline means without getting too dogmatic.
As long as you were not explicitly asked to describe your former boss, talk about some other important teacher from your past, like your sport trainer. Stay on the safe side by explaining the meaning of the person for you.

Was there anything in your life, you would not ever do again, and why?

Netflix interview questions are designed to unveil all facets of your character.
A golden middle applies here as well. You may want to get more personal answering this question, but do not completely lose the connection to the job interview.
You regret your social year? Or that you’ve given up your startup? Or that you went to a more famous, but less specialized college?
Show that you acknowledge your mistakes, accept the influence of objective factors, and keep your head cool. Recruiters will love you.

10. Would you fire your present colleagues and why?

Good teamwork means that each co-worker is aware of the weaknesses of the others. And that everybody is able to openly talk about the shortcomings that he or she finds important.
If you can support your negative estimation with dry and unbiased facts, you may say your opinion. Be careful about the following traps. Psychologists say that what we criticize in others, is that what we especially dislike about ourselves.

A short afterword

Start Practicing Interview Questions Now!

According to Glassdoor, every corporate job attracts 250 applicants on average. Gain an edge over these other applicants by learning from previous interviewees.

On the web, you may find candidates complaining about extreme waiting times Netflix imposed on them. This is another side effect of an unstructured recruiting process.
Other applicants mention numerous rounds, up to four with technical questions, and additionally up to three rounds with behavioral questions. A panel interview is also not uncommon. Make sure to check out interviews from companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook.
Netflix takes its time to sort out candidates that won’t stay long enough in the company. Mostly, it is a cultural misfit that make people write a resignation letter. A lack of some technical skills can be compensated with training, but changing core values cannot be enforced.
You do believe you share the same inspiration as the Cultural Memo? You carefully studied our ten Netflix interview questions? Then go ahead and good luck!

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