You can breathe now. The job interview is over, your adrenaline is falling, and your heart is no longer beating a mile a minute. Unfortunately, the interview is not over yet. An integral part of the hiring process is sending a thank you email after the interview.

According to a survey conducted by Accountemps, 80% of human resources (HR) managers felt that a thank-you message was helpful. However, only 24% reported actually getting notes from applicants. Moreover, 94% of the HR managers felt that email was the most appropriate method to send a thank you note. Here’s how to write the best interview thank you email:

What is the benefit of sending a thank you email?

The purpose of this follow-up letter is to put yourself in front of your interviewer again. You want to remind them of how perfect you are for this job.

Your email will help your interviewer remember your name, while their first impression of you is still fresh in their mind. It will also give you a chance to summarize your initial meeting. As a result, you should send your thank you email within 24 hours of your interview.

An email is a better alternative to snail mail because of how time-sensitive this message is. Even if you write your letter the same day of your interview, it will still take some time to deliver it. If the company you interviewed with is a bit more traditional, you may consider postal mail. However, an email is usually sufficient and sometimes even preferred by most hiring managers.

Simulate your next interview

Prepare for the questions that are really going to be asked in your next interview.

One additional benefit of a thank you email is another opportunity to sell yourself. With an email, you can also show off your skills by including links to your online portfolio, LinkedIn account, or any other professional social networking sites.

Test your interview skills:

What should you include in the subject line?

Remember to be concise but professional in your subject line. It should include enough information to explain why you are sending the email. You should incorporate the phrase “thank you,” your name, and the job title that you applied for. For example, you can write, “Thank You – Administrative Assistant, Your Name.”

What should you include in the body?

First, you need to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. You may choose to summarize what went well in the interview to help jog their memory. Be sure to restate your interest in the position and that you are excited about the opportunity to join the team.

Second, quickly state how your qualifications make you the best candidate. For example, you could say, “This job is a good fit for me because of … and my experience in …”

Third, if you forgot to say something in the in-person or phone interview, you can briefly mention it now. An example may be that you want to clarify your answer from an interview question. You may also choose to mention some additional information about yourself.

Finally, leave your contact information in case they have any extra questions or want to call you to offer you the job!

What if you interviewed with multiple people?

In larger companies, you may interview with several different people. You should send each person a unique thank you email. Remember, all the interviewers may get together and discuss each candidate. Do not copy and paste your email!

A good tip is after you finish an interview with one person, ask for his business card. This business card will help you keep track of everyone you talked to. It will also give you their contact information to write their follow-up email.

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Quick Tips and Reminders

Be Brief

Emails are meant to be short and to the point. Do not write an essay! If your email is too long, your message will get lost.


As with your cover letter, resumé, and portfolio, your thank you email is part of the interview process. It should be professional, concise, and error-free. It is a document that showcases your writing, your thoughts, and is an extension of your first impression.

Sample Template

Here is a sample template of a strong interview thank you email:

Subject Line: Thank you – Administrative Assistant, Your Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am writing to thank you for taking the time to interview me for the Administrative Assistant Position at the Holt Agency. It was a pleasure to discuss how the Holt Agency has grown in the last five years and where the company is headed. I am excited about the opportunity to join the team.  

My experience at the Acme Corporation has made me an expert in Microsoft Office and has trained me to work in a fast-paced environment. I surprisingly enjoy multi-tasking, perform well under pressure, and can meet deadlines. I think I will fit right in in the bustling office of the Holt Agency.

I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me by email or phone. Again, thank you for meeting with me today.


Your Name

Final Thoughts

It is a competitive job search market with tens, if not hundreds, of applicants but only one job opening. You need to set yourself apart. 76% of job seekers do not send interview thank you emails. This email is a job-hunting strategy that will undeniably make an impression.

Make sure your writing is clean, concise, and eloquently worded. This is your last opportunity to remind them of your great interview and sell your talents. You will be the candidate that they hire.

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